DPA/CSO Services

The ISM and ISPS Codes require that the owner, or the entity responsible for the Safe Operation of the yacht, appoints a shore based person to monitor the implementation of the Safety Management System and the Ship Security Plan.

For the ISM Code, that person is known as the Designated Person Ashore (DPA).

For the ISPS Code the person is known as the Company Security Officer (CSO).

The role of DPA and CSO may be combined and they should have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience.

Superyacht Safety can offer the services of such qualified individuals to provide a link between the yacht, the owner/operator and the flag state, to ensure compliance with the codes.

Internal Audit Services

The process of Internal Auditing will provide an excellent key performance indicator for maintaining any management system to the highest standards.

They should be undertaken annually to comply with the ISM and ISPS codes.

We are qualified auditors, highly experienced in yacht operations, and we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings.

We will also add value and support by monitoring corrective actions for the continuous improvement of your system.